7 Tips on Finding Time for Self-love

Jan 10 2023 0 Comments Tags: Pamper, relax, self love, selfcare, spa


  • Start small - creating small moments for yourself each day, such as taking a few minutes for a deep breath or a cup of tea.
  • Schedule it - block out time on your calendar for self-care and respect that time just as you would any other appointment.
  • Prioritize - prioritize your needs first before tending to the needs of others.
  • Get creative - think of new and creative ways to practice self-care, such as creating an at-home spa day or taking a long walk.
  • Change your mindset - shift your thinking from “I don’t have time” to “I make time” for self-care.
  • Make a list - make a list of activities that bring you joy and that you can use to check-in with yourself.
  • Connect with others - joining a self-care group can help you stay motivated and connected to others who are also working on their self-care journey.

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