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Our Mission

Since its inception in 2009, Tahamí By Nature has been a beacon of handcrafted excellence, born from a deep reverence for Mother Earth. Guided by a passion for botanical treasures, our founder embarked on a journey of discovery, uncovering the wondrous properties locked within nature's bounty.
From meticulous research emerged a profound understanding of the transformative power of botanical oils and butter and their harmonious fusion into artisanal soaps that transcend the ordinary. Fueled by a commitment to sustainability, our founder steadfastly embraced premium, ethically sourced ingredients from the outset, a principle woven into the very fabric of our existence.

Our Promise

Initially shared amongst family and friends, the allure of our handcrafted creations grew, nurtured by years of unwavering support and encouragement; in 2015, the moment arrived to extend our reach and share our treasures with the world. Thus, Tahamí By Nature was born, its name a homage to the rich tapestry of South American landscapes that have long provided us with inspiration and nourishment.

Our Story

It is a deep appreciation for Mother Earth that led Tahamí to make the following pledge since the company’s inception:Sustainability - Tahamí is committed to purchasing supplies from suppliers committed to sustainability and the maintenance of biodiversity.
No Animal Testing – We make every effort to purchase products that are not tested on animals. This makes Crimson and Banjo very happy. (See our fur babies below)
Environmentally Friendly – We consistently look for methods and practices that reduce our environmental footprint while creating high-quality products. We are not where we want to be, but we are making great strides. We are trying to get it right.

The Tahami Commitment

Embracing the spirit of the Tahamí indigenous people, we honor their legacy by crafting products that echo their harmonious relationship with nature. With every lather, we pay homage to the interconnectedness of all life and our commitment to preserving the sanctity of our planet. Join us on this sacred journey, where each soap bar is a testament to our enduring love for the Earth and its infinite wonders.

Tahami By Nature

Is committed to the highest standards in thoughtfully sourcing the finest raw materials for inclusion in our handcrafted artisan bath and body products. Tahamí bath and body products are made to pamper!! We are confident your skin will absolutely love our products.

Our Values

Handcraft Soaps

Handmade artisan soaps are made with luxurious pampering oils and butter. As a beautifully healthy bonus, unlike commercially produced soaps, our handcrafted soaps retain glycerin, a highly moisturizing by-product of the soap-making process

Bath Bombs

Known as “Bath Candy,” our bath bombs are handmade with our proprietary blend and infused with dried botanicals, glitter, seeds, sea salts, oils, or butter.An ultra-rich 100% custom blend of oils, butter and vitamins to maintain .

Sugar Scrub

Gentle exfoliation is the hallmark of this natural scrub. Loaded with terrific oils and butter that, when combined with organic sugar, helps to leave skin smooth and supple. Moisture plus. Made with pure soy wax, our candles are cleaner burning.