Skincare During Quarantine - What you need to know.

May 23 2020 0 Comments

Whether you are still in quarantine or not exactly feeling warm and fuzzy about visiting your favorite esthetician, below are some helpful skincare tips.

Experts universally agree that the best way you can help your skin is to keep it moisturized. Replenish your skin with your favorite non-comedogenic (Products formulated so they are not likely to cause pore blockages and breakouts.) lotion, or DIY home staples like olive or coconut oil, or honey that contain hydrating humectants and naturally occurring antimicrobial properties.

Tip:  Apply a little bit of olive oil to hands and feet, then cover with gloves and socks for 15-20 minutes every day.

Tip: Don’t just rely on heavy cream, try incorporating multiple layers of skincare like a serum, a hydrating toner, and facial oil. Applying layers of hydration will keep skin plump and hydrated. Feel free to make seasonal adjustments to your new routine.

Moisturizing with Frequent Handwashing

Keeping your skin moisturized is an important step in preventing coronavirus since germs can get into cracked, dry skin. Frequent washing can cause a loss of natural oils—called sebum—on the skin. Sebum helps maintain the skin’s healthy barrier which protects you from the outside world.

From the very start of the coronavirus pandemic, the recommendation to frequently and properly wash your hands has been rightfully touted as one of the most important methods for preventing virus transmission. However, there’s a crucial next step that hasn’t received as much attention: Keeping your skin moisturized to prevent the kind of cracking and micro-tears that could make you more susceptible to COVID-19. If you don’t rehydrate, then ironically, washing your hands frequently could, indirectly put you at a higher risk.

Face Washing

Since we are remaining indoors and likely not wearing make-up, it is logical to think the face does not need special attention. Wrong! It’s still important to wash your face daily along with exfoliating up to three times per week to reduce dirt, oil, bacteria, and dead skin build-up, which can cause breakouts.

Tip: Drink plenty of water. Doing so will not only hydrate your face, but flush out toxins for clearer skin.

Tip: Anti-aging DIY face mask recipe. Mix two tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt with one tablespoon of raw honey in a small bowl. Apply to the face and let the mask dry for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Your skin will feel soothed, hydrated, and refreshed.

Use Handcrafted Soap for Bathing 

We all love long, hot showers/baths with lathery soaps. The fact is they can actually take away from our skin’s natural thin layer of oil. Try reducing the number of hot showers and baths, replacing with lukewarm water. Switching to handcrafted soap is essential. Tahamí By Nature handcrafted soap retains glycerin, a humectant that helps the skin retain moisture. Clean and moisturized skin is a winning combination! 

Overall Wellness

Your skin will occasionally send a message that you may be under stress.


  • Dehydration – Drink more water.
  • Increased caffeine intake – Reduce caffeine by drinking decaffeinated beverages.
  • Vitamin D deficiency – Take a walk outside in the sun 10-15 minutes per day.
  • Nutrition – Eat well-balanced meals.  
  • Adequate Sleep – Make sure to get enough sleep.

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