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Soaping with a Purpose: Giving Back Through Handcrafted Bath & Body Products.

Jul 18 2022 0 Comments Tags: charity, giving back, handcrafted, soap

What we do to help. Our handcrafted candles and bath and body products allow us to pour back into our community.   We began creating handcrafted soaps in 2009, and since then we’ve  committed to being a socially responsible company. By purchasing supplies from suppliers that are committed to sustainability and the maintenance of biodiversity, to making every effort to only purchase products that have not been tested on animals, to ensuring that we respect and honor the environment in how we produce the products that we offer, we put forth the effort to do our part. But we don’t...

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3 Reasons Handcrafted  Soap Is Best To Beat Viruses

3 Reasons Handcrafted Soap Is Best To Beat Viruses

Mar 23 2020 2 Comments Tags: beauty, coronavirus, covid-19, handwashing, health, healthy, selfcare, soap

3 Reasons Handcrafted  Soap Is Best To Beat Viruses

1. Soap is designed to destroy viruses. 2. Soap traps dirt and microorganisms. 3. Soap combined with hand washing is key. **Handcrafted soap is designed to cleanse and hydrate… your hands need both** Remember: Kids need clean hands, too!!!

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