The founder of Tahamí By Nature has been making handcrafted bath and body products since 2009. From the very beginning, many of our ingredients were sustainably sourced from South America - a tradition that continues. After years of encouragement to sell our products, we picked a name that represented the region which inspired and provides us with beneficial ingredients. As a result, we took our name from a group of South American  indigenous people - the Tahamí Indians. The South American rainforests, with the largest being the Amazon, are famed for their immense biodiversity. The number of plant species is the highest on Earth with one Ecuadorian rainforest supporting more than 1,100 tree species. In the region, scientists have identified at least 438,000 plant species of economic and social interest, with many more remaining to be discovered or cataloged. The total number of tree species in the region is estimated at 16,000. It is our appreciation for Mother Earth that lead Tahamí to make the following pledge when creating our company:

  • Sustainability - Tahamí is committed to purchasing supplies from suppliers that are committed to sustainability and the maintenance of biodiversity.
  • No Animal Testing – We make every effort to only purchase products that were not tested on animals. This makes Crimson and Banjo very happy. (See our fur babies below)
  • Environmentally Friendly – We consistently look for methods and practices that reduce our environmental footprint while creating high quality products. We are not where we want to be, but are making great strides. Just trying to get it right!!!

The Tahamí Mission

Tahamí By Nature’s founder has been making handcrafted beauty products since 2009. However, it was not until she learned the plight of children in the foster care system that she decided to do what people had been suggesting for years…sell her "stuff". Soaping with a Purpose was born.

Soaping With A Purpose

Soaping with a Purpose… means we take a portion of soaps sales (really all sales) and donate to Foster Kids Charity, the non-profit arm of a local Child Protective Service. As the Foster Kids Charity website states, “Foster Kids Charity strives to make sure that every child in the foster care system has their basic, personal needs met.This is an effort Tahamí is honored to support. 


Foster Kids Charity is a 501 (c) (3) public/private partnership that provides emergency goods and services directly to children under the care of Child Protective Services (CPS)

The Tahamí team believes that a company can be "meaningfully" charitable while maintaining profitability. Tahamí has committed to donated 10% of all sales to Foster Kids Charity. This is 10% of all sales before all costs. So not only will your purchase bring you fragrant candles and skin loving beauty products, but you will be providing “Hope and Help for abused and neglected children”.

The Tahamí Commitment 

Tahamí By Nature is committed to the highest standards in thoughtfully sourcing the finest raw materials for inclusion in our handcrafted artisan bath and body products. Tahamí bath and body products are made to pamper!! We are confident your skin will absolutely love our products!!

  • Handcraft Soaps: Handmade artisan soaps are made with luxurious pampering oils and butters. As a beautifully healthy bonus, unlike commercially produced soaps, our handcrafted soaps retain glycerin, a highly moisturizing by-product of the soap making process.

  • Bath Bombs: Known as “Bath Candy,” our bath bombs are handmade with our proprietary blend and infused with dried botanicals, glitter, seeds, sea salts, oils or butter.

  • Whipped Butter: An ultra rich 100% custom blend of oils, butters, and vitamins designed to maintain skin moisture without feeling heavy.

  • Sugar Scrub: Gentle exfoliation is the hallmark of this natural scrub. Loaded with terrific oils and butter that, when combined with organic sugar, helps to leave skin smooth and supple. Moisture plus!!!

  • Soy Candles: Made with pure soy wax, our vegetable based candles will burn cleaner than petroleum based candles. The fragrance load will enhance any atmosphere. What a great and fragrant way to support American farmers!!!

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