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Handcraft Is Real Soap

Loaded With Great Stuff For Your Skin!!

Real Soap

Commercial soaps are largely made with chemicals and contain little if any, natural ingredients. They are labeled as “soaps”, but are really just detergents dressed in a skirt. "Real" handcraft soap is made with skin-loving oils and butters that gently clean the skin while leaving it hydrated. When you use soap made with natural oils and butters you will notice a difference and your skin will thank you!


Glycerin is a skin emollient (softener) that is also a humectant (attracts water) and handcraft soap is loaded with it!  The typical commercial soap maker removes the glycerin to sell to cosmetic manufacturers for inclusion in cosmetics... leaving a soap that dries out the skin and us to purchase lotion. Glycerin is why handcraft soap is so skin-loving good! Cleansing and moisture retention; what a deal!!


Handcraft soaps, hands down, have the best ingredients Mother Nature provides. They include botanical oils, butters, clays, milk powders, and other natural ingredients. Many are scented with essential oils and other skin safe fragrances. Like previously mentioned, most commercially produced soap is not soap at all but chemical detergents, or a mixture of detergents and soap.

Environmental Impact

Handcraft soaps reduce plastic waste. Just think of the landfills stacked with discarded bottles of body wash, shampoo and on and on. Handcraft soap eliminates all of that! It also is biodegradable, doesn't contaminate the drinking water, doesn't contain microbeads and plastics, and is very kind to animals. Good to Mother Earth, animals and your skin... talk about winning!!

Unique & Varied

Handcraft soap comes in so many formulas, colors, and fragrances!! There is a soap to satisfy any fragrance, color or skin conditioning preference. Additionally, handcraft soaps are designed to be extra moisturizing and can be scented or unscented, inclusive of essential oils or fragrance oils,  contain a variety of botanical exfoliants


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